street art.

Just a few words of wisdom to start the week. I was lucky to stumble upon Mr. Brainwash's street art exhibit in a random space in the Meatpacking District in New York last summer. It was pretty remarkable. I took a few shots and these quotes are now words I live by.... Enjoy!


let your light shine.

 shirt- joe's jeans. shorts- 7 for all mankind cutoffs. shoes- calleen cordero. bag- gucci (from tjmaxx, YES!). sunglasses-lilith

Happy long weekend! Just a little something I threw together to go shoe shopping with my mom. It seems impossible to get dressed when its this hot! Enjoy the sun and heat, maybe a trip to the beach?! xo


a few of my favorite things.

necklace-heather moore. bracelets-nymph, links of london, catherine michaels.

We all have simple pleasures we cannot live without. A few of mine happen to be pieces of jewelry that hold sentimental value. On buying trips with my mom, I have noticed more and more customizable jewelry. I see this trend and understand how it appeals to so many people. My Heather Moore necklace (top) for instance. Someone may look at it and think, Hey, those are pretty charms! Its much more than that. My birthday engraved and stamped into the metal with lovely gemstones surrounding it. A charm of pave diamonds in the shape of my middle name, Moon. I'm all about layering bracelets. The more the merrier! The bracelets are all my mother's designs (with the exception of the Catherine Michaels blue and grey silk wrap with a silver rose and a Links of London Friendship Bracelet) and I am so incredibly proud of her creations! Please visit www.matsuboston.com to learn more about her line of gorgeous stones, vintage coins, goddess charms and more; Nymph.

The bottom line is that I wear this necklace and these bracelets almost every day. I love them and they have become a part of me! What are some pieces of jewelry that you can't live without?!


its about time we got some sunshine

 Baring my mosquito bitten legs in shorts. I can't remember the last time they saw the light of day... Thank you mother nature for this gorgeous weather.

sweater-madewell. shorts-7 for all mankind (oldies that I cut up). boots-frye engineer boots. sunglasses-lilith.


Fist blog post. Ever.

Well. Here we are and here I am writing my first blog post and wondering if it will ever be read. Maybe I could share with you the reasons why I decided to do this... I'm from a small town outside Boston of Ugg boots and Northface jackets (don't get me wrong, I sported the look in high school and loved it). I grew in a unique family and have parents with a strong passion for aesthetic and design. My mom owns a fantastic boutique on Newbury Street and I have forever loved going on buying trips with her to New York and Paris. I love clothing, accessories and the result they make when put together in fabulous and innovative ways. I was completely inspired my my recent finds of fashion blogs from coast to coast. I figured I would give it a try and hope for the best! Now is my time to showcase my own passion for fashion, visual arts and writing all in one. If anyone is reading this, give me your feedback! I'd love to know what you like and the inevitable- what you don't. Talk to you soon and thanks for reading!

xxo Aya