one moment more.

 (top-inhabit. jeans-jbrand. boots-frye.)

My dad and I explored Griffith Observatory yesterday... Though it was hazy, the view of Los Angeles was incredible! I'm still getting used to dressing for LA weather.... warm, dry days and cool nights. Certainly different than the sticky humid Summer I'd be having at home. Lucky for me I can still wear my boots through the Summer here :) My necklace was stolen from my mom. It was actually a pass for a show she went to in Paris to buy for her store. No one knows its not really a necklace!... Well I guess they do now. Haha. More to come! Happy Monday! xxo



Hello! Well, it has sure been a while. I seemed to have fallen off the band wagon this past week. Things have been a bit crazy. I moved to LA! After a plethora of unfortunate events (i.e. losing my license, having to emergency land in Rochester, NY, delayed flights...) I finally made it! Once I get settled in to my new, temporary abode, I'll be sure to upload lots and lots of pictures and posts on a more consistent basis. I'm really excited for this move and can't wait for all the opportunities the West Coast has in store. It was really sad to leave my friends and family, but I'm so glad I have their support and love! Thanks guys :) There's a lot to get used to over here, thats fo' sho. I saw a guy sitting at Starbucks this morning with two dogs and a huge parrot. Normal.

In any case, I'm psyched and looking forward to the next weeks- starting work, meeting new people and getting acclimated to my new home! Stick around, I'll post soon. Until then, enjoy this lovely picture from Santa Monica.

Ciao for now! xxo


model for a day.

 clothing-nara paz, lilith, pipsqueak chapeau. Jewelry-nymph
(photos by Bob Packert / www.packertphotography.com)

On Wednesday I participated in an amazing photo shoot for Matsu and Avanti Salon, both on Newbury Street.  The photos will be used for both and I am so honored to have been a part of it! It was so fun to be on the other side of the lens for a change (usually, I am taking photographs of other people and things). I always joke about how in my next life, I'll be a 5'11 run way model... I think this is the next best thing :) Bob's photography is so incredible and I was so happy to be in his presence and see him at work! The clothing and jewelry are all from Matsu, what beautiful pieces. Thank you to Troi Young for doing my hair (... and shellacking it to my head for the shoot), my mom for the beautiful clothes, jewelry and shooting space and to Kate Sims for creating this collaborative photo shoot! Such an amazing experience!!


which way to the beach.

top- not sure?. skirt-344. bag-stole it from mom. sandals-calleen cordero. bracelet-charlie. sunglasses-chanel.

Wondering when, if possible, I may have a day to go to the beach.... Sometimes you just need to throw on a straw fedora and call it a day. I wouldn't mind a sunburn please!

p.s.- I'm obsessed with this nail polish on my toes. Chanel Black Pearl. Get it.


i'll take one of each.

jeffrey campbell                jimmy choo                    alice and olivia           yves saint laurent

My shoe craze has been a little ridiculous recently. I think I take advantage of my "vertically challenged" stature and ability to wear heels too often. As I've said before, I am a flats and boots girl. I think I'm ready to change it up. I've shared a million times my reasons why I like my feet to stay grounded... 1. I feel stupid wearing heels. 2. I'm already short and it makes me nervous to be elevated off the ground even 5 inches.... That's all I've got. I think its time I splurge on a good, sturdy pair of heels. I'm going to dig through my shoe collection and hold myself accountable to wearing heels for even non-special occasions. Yup. I'm gonna do it.


dream within a dream

dress-forever 21. lace tights-hue. sunglasses-lilith. heels-steve madden. bracelet/cuff-charlie.

Haven't pulled this dress out of my closet for a few years. I think its a good find from forever 21. I like to pair the lace tights with the ruffle on the dress and shoes. Finally able to put my bangs back, somewhat. I don't really have anything else to say today. Enjoy your weekend! xx



sweater-inhabit. tshirt-majestic for matsu. shorts-344. bag-chloe (coveted stolen from my mom!). shoes-dv by dolce vita. bracelet-chan luu.

Who woulda thunk it. These doily shorts have become one of my staple pieces. I am absolutely in love with these new wedges- trying to transform my shoe collection from always wearing flats! I'm short. I can do the "heel thing." I love the shorts with tights look. It makes for a classy, put-together look and can carry you into fall! xox.



dress-nara paz. necklace & bracelets-nymph. heels-jeffrey campbell. belt-matsu

A last minute invite as a "plus 1" to the Newbury Street League Gala with my mom. I jumped for joy at the thought of getting dolled up and being able to gawk at the outfits and accessories of fabulous Bostonians. My mom and I both wore gorgeous designs by Nara Paz. Nara is such a talented designer, and not to mention she is just about the sweetest woman. Double whammy! What a fun night!