Hello! Well, it has sure been a while. I seemed to have fallen off the band wagon this past week. Things have been a bit crazy. I moved to LA! After a plethora of unfortunate events (i.e. losing my license, having to emergency land in Rochester, NY, delayed flights...) I finally made it! Once I get settled in to my new, temporary abode, I'll be sure to upload lots and lots of pictures and posts on a more consistent basis. I'm really excited for this move and can't wait for all the opportunities the West Coast has in store. It was really sad to leave my friends and family, but I'm so glad I have their support and love! Thanks guys :) There's a lot to get used to over here, thats fo' sho. I saw a guy sitting at Starbucks this morning with two dogs and a huge parrot. Normal.

In any case, I'm psyched and looking forward to the next weeks- starting work, meeting new people and getting acclimated to my new home! Stick around, I'll post soon. Until then, enjoy this lovely picture from Santa Monica.

Ciao for now! xxo

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