Fist blog post. Ever.

Well. Here we are and here I am writing my first blog post and wondering if it will ever be read. Maybe I could share with you the reasons why I decided to do this... I'm from a small town outside Boston of Ugg boots and Northface jackets (don't get me wrong, I sported the look in high school and loved it). I grew in a unique family and have parents with a strong passion for aesthetic and design. My mom owns a fantastic boutique on Newbury Street and I have forever loved going on buying trips with her to New York and Paris. I love clothing, accessories and the result they make when put together in fabulous and innovative ways. I was completely inspired my my recent finds of fashion blogs from coast to coast. I figured I would give it a try and hope for the best! Now is my time to showcase my own passion for fashion, visual arts and writing all in one. If anyone is reading this, give me your feedback! I'd love to know what you like and the inevitable- what you don't. Talk to you soon and thanks for reading!

xxo Aya

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